Opening of the online submission is 1 September 2022. 

World Leadership Dialogue proposals can be submitted via the online Abstract Submission Platform only. 

The submission deadline is 15 December 2022, 23:59 (CET). 

Proposals received after the closing of the abstract system will not be accepted.

General information

World Leadership Dialogues (WLD) are high-level sessions on hot topics in public health intended to complement the plenary themes. The purpose is to provide in-depth perspectives on key issues integrated into public health strategic plans/policies/health budgets perspectives.

WLD applications can be submitted by organizations, working groups, branches (from WFPHA, ASPHER, SITI), or foundations but not individuals, and should comply with the requirements as set out below. Additionally, these dialogues should be self-sustainable with the organizing groups covering all expenses related to the development of the session and the participation of the speakers including congress registration fees.

WLDs will be linked to the name of the organizations leading the session. WLDs will be run during a dedicated time slot and generally not in parallel with other sessions (i.e. workshops, parallel sessions, posters walk, etc.).

Key requirements

Each WLD should:

  • Be submitted by organizations, working groups / branches, and foundations but not individuals. Joint application of several organizations is strongly recommended.
  • Provide a truly multidisciplinary perspective with at least one speaker outside the medical or public health field (i.e. experts in marketing, engineers, urban planning, anthropologists, etc.).
  • Guarantee geographical representation across world regions with at least one-third of speakers from low-middle income countries.
  • Assure gender and age balance with appropriate representation of young professional and female speakers. If applicable, one speaker that is Indigenous or from a minority group is recommended.
  • All WLD must be presented in English.

World Leadership Dialogue Format

  1. WLD proposals are to be submitted in English
  2. They should not exceed 500 words
  3. They should be structured in the following specified headings: 
    • brief outline of the overall WLD
    • specific aims/objectives and component parts
    • the key questions that the dialogue will address
  4. A short bio of all speakers should be submitted together with the proposal (max 1 page)
  5. The organizer of the WLD proposal is responsible for ensuring that all co-organizers and presenters have agreed to be participating in the WLD if accepted
  6. The proposal submission can be performed only once. Please be sure to have all information needed at hand and check all details carefully before submitting the proposal
  7. All proposals should be submitted and presented in clear English with accurate grammar and spelling of a quality suitable for publication
  8. Submitted proposals will not be reviewed for typos, capitalization, or punctuation errors and the abstracts will appear in the final program as it was submitted

Once the proposal is submitted, no changes will be possible anymore.

Additional information

  • The emphasis is intended to be on the dialogue rather than the session becoming a mini-plenary session.
  • The time allotted for each WLD is 60 minutes, usually organized as 10-15 min talk slots, followed by questions and discussion. Alternative formats, such as a debate or an extended Q&A between the audience and all speakers, may also be considered.
  • At the time of your proposal submission, all speakers must have already agreed to participate in the WLD.
  • Speakers should understand that no honorarium or complimentary registration is given for participation.

Evaluation procedure

All submitted proposals will be reviewed by the Congress Management Committee (CMC). 

Authors will be notified of the acceptance of their proposal(s): Soon to be announced. 

If the proposal is accepted, the organizers, chair, and speakers should confirm their attendance and register for the congress by 15 March 2023. 

If the organizers, chair, and speakers are not registered by this date, the proposal will be removed from the congress program. In case a chair or speaker is unable to attend the congress, a substitute presenter may take his/her place (the same deadlines apply).

The organizer may highlight during the submission process, the option that if the proposal is not selected as a WLD, it will automatically be evaluated as a workshop.

Further instructions for organizers, chair, and speakers whose proposals are accepted will be posted on the website. 

Please note we do not allow abstracts funded or sponsored by organizations/companies that are detrimental to health, e.g. tobacco and arms industry (WFPHA Congress funding, donations and sponsorship policy).

WLD Fees:

€ 25.000,00 + vat for Profit Company

€ 10.000,00 + vat for Non-Profit-Organisation (NGO, Public Health Associations, Public Health Schools, Institutions, Associations, etc.)