why to attend WCPH Congress

Why to Attend the Congress: A World in Turmoil

Why to Attend the Congress: A World in Turmoil 1905 916 gigasweb

Pandemics, inequities, conflicts, climate change. We are living in world in turmoil, shaken by troubles and difficulties.

At the same time people are calling for peace, finding new solutions to tackle pandemics, and producing goods in a more sustainable way, and equity is becoming a universal value.

The question remains: will we be able to overcome this crisis? With so many challenges facing us, it’s important to understand the interconnections between these issues and Public Health. That’s where the World Congress on Public Health (WCPH) comes in. It’s the perfect occasion to reflect, discuss, tackle these challenges all together.

This is the moment to present solutions and working together to find new ones.

We all have to meet, and exchange different point of views, because exchanging knowledge is the only way to proceed towards a better future.

And we are not talking only to Health professional. Among with some of the best experienced scientist there will be politicians, managers, policy makers, students from all over the world.

It’s time to hear the voice of Public Health and it’s time to speak for it. That’s why is so important to attend WCPH 2023.