WCPH Poster Sessions 14

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WCPH Poster Sessions 14

Abanoub Riad - Monkeypox (MPOX)-related Knowledge and Vaccine Hesitancy Among Czech Healthcare Professionals

Eleonora Tassone - Delivery of international vaccinations at the Territorial Units (UTs) of the Air and Maritime Border Health Offices and Seafarers' Health Services (USMAF-SASN) of the Ministry of Health in the period 2017-2022

Giulia Paolorossi - Exemption or hesitation? Analysis of COVID-19 vaccination exemption requests in a health district in Marche Region

Luigi De Angelis - Exploring waning COVID19 Vaccine Effectiveness against reinfections in the pediatric population: A Retrospective Population Analysis

Luigi De Angelis - Pediatric COVID19 vaccine hesitancy based on parents' attitudes towards mandatory and recommended vaccination in Southern Italy

Rosario Vinci - Vaccine service quality and confidence assessment results of a survey in outpatient clinics of the Catania ASP

Alex Pivi - Vaccination among HIV+ Patients: An Italian Cross-Sectional Survey

Ausenda Machado - Impact of influenza vaccination strategy on medically attended influenza in Portugal in five pre-pandemic seasons (2015/16 to 2019/20)

Babak Moazen - Interventions to increase vaccine uptake in prisons: A global systematic scoping review

Stefano Gandolfi - Digital Assessment and Intervention based on HPV vaccination hesitancy and related cognitive biases

Domitilla Marconi - COVID-19 vaccination effectiveness: one year of observation

Pedro Henrique Machado Teixeira - Factors associated with COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy: cross-sectional study