WCPH Poster Sessions 13

WCPH Poster Sessions 13 150 150 Gigas
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WCPH Poster Sessions 13

Aur?lia Naoko Naef - Impact of digital health interventions for adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus on health literacy: a systematic review

Laxmi Subedi - Study On Effectiveness Of Online Learning Among Medical Students Of Bpkihs During COVID-19

Carmela Carnevale - The Octopus Project: a Digital Health model for suppling glaucoma care in Italy

Marilia Mansur - Dashboard as a Public Transparency Tool for management and planning data in Brazilian Healthcare System

Ola Soudah - A Pilot Randomized Trial for Smoking Cessation app in Arabic language: A Study Protocol.

B?rbara Fernandes - Use of social media associated with health promotion: a new reality in Dentistry

Helena Maria Cancelado Carretero - Methodology for diagnosis of the current state of Supply Chain Quality Management in the maternal perinatal care route in disparate rural territories

Stefano Gandolfi - Please Mind the Gap between Guidelines & Behavior Change: A Systematic Review and a Consideration on Effectiveness in Healthcare

Aisha Shalash - Health Information System Evaluation Tools: A Scoping Review and Tool Development

Roberto Wagner Freire de Freitas - Education in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus through virtual method and its influence on metabolic control - a pilot study

Blanca Louise Rellosa - Philippines's Family Planning Health Information System: From the Implementers' Lens