WCPH Poster Sessions 6

WCPH Poster Sessions 6 150 150 Gigas
START: 12:30:00
END: 13:30:00

WCPH Poster Sessions 6

Alethea Desrosiers - Exploring Diffusion and Spillover Effects of an Evidence-Based Mental Health Intervention Among Peers and Caregivers of Youth in Rural Regions of Sierra Leone

Anna Zimovjanova - Socioeconomic and Transcultural Determinants of Mental Health in Medical Students of Four Countries

Berit Kj?rside Nielsen - Loneliness in emerging adulthood: a qualitative study using cultural probes and in-depth interviews

Chiara de Waure - Movimento Biologico: an innovative training program based on mindful movement that can contribute to salutogenesis

Eileen Heumann - Study conditions and university students' mental health 20 months after the COVID-19 outbreak in Germany - Results from a cross-sectional study

Kolar Sridara Murthy Meena - Effectiveness of a Structured Training Program on Mentoring and Mental Well-Being for Officers and Instructors in the Indian Air Force

Roberto Venuto - Study-related stress among healthcare students in a university of Southern Italy

Anvar Sadath Vakkayil - Association between physical and mental illness comorbidity, self-harm repetition and highly lethal self-harm acts: a mixed methods study among individuals with frequent self-harm episodes

Daniel Exeter - Using integrated data to explore the geography of citizens in mental distress in Aotearoa New Zealand

Fadwa Al Mugaddam - First Step for The Cross-Validation of the Arabic Emirate Version of The Subjective Scale to Investigate Cognition - Emirates (SSTIC-E)

J?lia Carraro - Racial disparities and anxiety symptoms association with nutritional status during the COVID-19 pandemic

Karen Coales - Exploring the impact of task shifting to widen access to treatment for depression for patients with non-communicable-disease and depression multimorbidity on health workers in South Asia