WCPH Poster Sessions 5

WCPH Poster Sessions 5 150 150 Gigas
START: 09:30:00
END: 10:30:00

WCPH Poster Sessions 5

Alessandro Bianconi - Users characteristics of a Park-based Physical Activity promotion in an Urban Context

Frederico Israel - Association between health status, behaviour and communicative health literacy-Results of a Hungarian nationalwide survey

Kapil Yadav - Engaging academic institutions in Public Health Programs: Lessons from anemia control program in India

Valter Barbosa Filho - Health-promoting schools in latin american countries: a systematic review on internal and external validities

Francesca Licata - Human papillomavirus vaccination uptake: preliminary results of a cross-sectional study in Italy

Samilly Miranda - Effect of the 'there's a people's pharmacy here' programme on hypertension and diabetes-related mortality

Diana Nemes - Optimizing the primary health care workforce to achieve timely healthcare that meets the population's needs: Romania's human resource in primary care

Sapana Basnet - Opportunities and Challenges of Integrating Eye Care and Neglected Tropical Diseases Services in Primary Health Care Setting in Sierra Leone: A Mixed Method Study

Marcela Garrido - Impact of a High-Resolution Primary Care Emergency Center over Emergency Department demand

Marcello Di Pumpo - Nudging as a tool to prevent tobacco and alcohol use: findings from a scoping review

Maria Assunta Donato - Habits and lifestyles among medical students: smoking status as a possible risk factor

Prasanthi Nattala - A randomized controlled trial (RCT) of nurse-led brief focused intervention for patients with alcohol use related mild traumatic brain injury (tbi) in the emergency & casualty setting of a tertiary hospital in south india