WCPH Poster Sessions 3

WCPH Poster Sessions 3 150 150 Gigas
START: 09:30:00
END: 10:30:00

WCPH Poster Sessions 3

Anna Acampora - Application of Health Equity Audit to emergency care for acute myocardial infarction

Carlos Chivardi - Understanding the social determinants of child mortality in three Latin American countries: an approach with machine learning

Enkhjargal Batbaatar - Social inequality in smoking in Mongolia

Kamaluddin Latief - Social determinants and diagnosed non-communicable disease in the Adult Indonesian Population: Longitudinal Study from Indonesia Family Life Survey 2007 and 2014

Margarida Liz Martins - An intervention program to promote sustainable healthy consumption in foodservice

Timothy Sumerlin - Employment conditions and mental health of female migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong: A parallel mediation analysis

Angelica Valz Gris - Exploring the association between COVID-19 vaccination coverage and socioeconomic factors in high income countries

Brent Andrew Viray - Defining Rural Surgery: the Philippine Perspective

Charlotte Myers - COVID-19, breast cancer care, and social determinants of health: a cross-sectional study to investigate the impact of a pandemic on health and health care

Claire Henson - Education and Inequities in Mortality: A Global Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Cornelia Wagner - Educational trajectories and inequalities in longevity: a comparison across 14 European countries

Firew Bobo - Spatial patterns and inequalities in skilled birth attendance and caesarean delivery in sub-Saharan Africa