WCPH Poster Session 2

WCPH Poster Session 2 150 150 Gigas
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WCPH Poster Sessions 2

Thankam Sunil - Self-rated Health Status in South Africa: The Roles of Neighborhood Disadvantages, Social Trust and Religion

Stephanie Schrempft - Socioeconomic differences in brain white matter microstructure and associated cognitive performance in middle to older adulthood

Judith Wenner - Importance and determinants of advance directives and healthcare proxy use among the oldest-old

Monica Georgiana Br�nzac - Trends in the geriatric workforce in the Romanian healthcare system

Salvatore Zimmitti - Clinical predictors of re-hospitalization among geriatric patients as potential targets of assistance interventions: a monocentric longitudinal retrospective study

Clara Donnoli - Community-Based program focused on social support limits COVID-19 mortality: a retrospective cohort study

Sara Sim�es Dias - LISA - Health Literacy cohort study

Sarah Perrin- Realist Evaluation of the impact, viability and transferability of an alcohol harm reduction support program based on mental health recovery: The Vitae Study: first results

Vedavati Patwardhan - Gender Differences in Global Disability-Adjusted Life Years (DALYs): A Descriptive Analysis of the Global Burden of Disease Study 2021

Yuge Zhang - Reliability and validity of the bone health literacy questionnaire for middle-aged and elderly women

Nirmin Juber - Association between dietary patterns and handgrip strength among older adults aged 55+ years in Indonesia: a cross-sectional analysis from the IFLS study

Raghunath Mandi - Social Wellbeing Among Urban Elderly in India: Exploring the Role of Multidimensional Health

Swayam Pragyan Parida - Prevalence and factors associated with elder abuse in an eastern state of India

Aravinda Guntupalli - COVID-19 vaccination among older adults in India: a case of underrepresentation

Martin Bobak - Socioeconomic predictors over the life course of healthy ageing index in older Eastern Europeans

Ivo Venturini - Post-acute care: cui prodest? a 1-year retrospective observational study

Valerio Bordino - Serological responses up to 9 months following COVID - 19 mRNA vaccination in residents and healthcare workers of long - term care facilities: a multicenter prospective cohort study in Northern Italy.

Marco Del Riccio - The integrated pathways of care in the social and healthcare services: the AgICOT experience in Teramo, Italy