Funding Opportunities

The 17th World Congress of Public Health Grant is designed to give motivated attendees who require financial assistance an opportunity to join the World Congress. The grant is fundamentally need-based, and eligibility criteria for consideration fall into the following categories:

  • Attendees with low earnings and from low to low-middle income countries (as determined by World Bank country classifications) or
  • Full-time students with no financial income (unemployed)

The 17th World Congress of Public Health Grant is strictly limited, and funding will be awarded based on both merit and need

Depending on the applicant’s ranking in both need and merit of the financial support, the grant will cover either:

  • Full cost of both registration to the 17th World Health Congress on Public Health as well as accommodation costs for the duration of the Congress (a maximum of 4 nights, from 2 to 6 May 2023), or
  • Registration fee to the Congress only

Any additional fees (i.e for pre-conferences, Congress dinner) will not be covered

Please note that no amount under any condition will be dedicated to travel costs. All applicants are responsible for their own travel cost to/from Rome and for all the related expenses

Grants awarded to successful applicants will be administered by the Organizing Secretariat, who will take care of registration and accommodation directly. No funding for daily allowances or other costs will be funded

Please note that no request for reimbursement will be accepted. Therefore, if applying for the grant, we strongly advise not to register or book accommodation before grant notification has been given

Eligibility Requirements for Grant

  • Applicants should be either a delegate with low earnings from a lower or lower-middle income country (World Bank country classifications), or a full-time student of a maximum age of 26 years old with no financial income (unemployed);
  • Applicants must have submitted an abstract for oral/poster presentations; abstracts must be submitted online by 15 December 2022;
  • Attendance at the World Congress must not be supported by industry. (The committee reserves the right to rescind grants to awardees whose abstracts and/or attendance are supported by industry);
  • Good command of the English language is mandatory

Grant Award Process

  • Grant application opens – 1 October 2022
  • Grant submission deadline – 15 January, 2023
  • Grant notification – 15 February, 2023

Consideration will be given to ensure geographic and gender balance.

Those ranking highest will then be scrutinized for need.

Only selected applicants will be informed by email. Upon notification, successful applicants will be requested to decline or accept the grant award by a defined deadline.

Rejected grant awards will have the opportunity to be reassigned to another applicant.

Required Documentation

  • Curriculum Vitae (including a list of publications, awards/honours and other relevant information)- A4 paper max 1 side (font Calibri 11, single inter line)
  • Letter of motivation. The letter should not duplicate the CV but should instead explain how the candidate wishes to further develop professionally and how the World Congress may help reach this goal and, if applicable, provide an explanation of the need for financial assistance. [Please use the file name format: Surname_Name.pdf or .doc] (A4 paper max 1 side (font Calibri 11, single inter line)]
  • Letters of reference. At least 2 letters of reference must be included in the documentation
  • Country of residence
  • Copy of Passport / ID with a passport-size photo
  • Abstract ID code. To obtain your ID code, please first submit your abstract through the submission platform

Please note that the reviewers have the right to ask for more detailed documentation for financial assistance. Random control of the actual financial situation of the applicant may be performed to ensure authenticity of grant eligibility.

The applications should be submitted to

Please note that incomplete applications will not be evaluated