Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship Opportunities 1905 916 Gigas

Equity and diversity are at the core of the World Congress. To give the opportunity to motivated attendees who require financial assistance to join the Congress, the 17th World Congress of Public Health Grant has been designed.

Full-time students with no financial income and attendees with low earnings and from low to low-middle income countries can apply. Then, funding will be awarded based on both merit and need.

Depending on the applicant’s ranking the grant will cover either:

●     Full cost of both registration to the 17th World Health Congress on Public Health as well as accommodation costs.

●     Registration fee to the Congress only.

Grant application opens on 1 October 2022 and applicants have time until 15 November 2022 to submit their request.

To discover more about Eligibility Requirements, Requirement Documentation and all the other details about the Grant, visit the scholarship section.