Congress theme & Congress Sessions

Congress Theme 

The theme of the Congress is “A World in Turmoil: Opportunities to Focus on the Public’s Health”. It underlines the commitment of working together across sectors to promote health equity and build a more sustainable and just future.

Plenary Sessions

  • Planetary Health and Public Health
  • Social, economic and political determinants of health and health equity
  • Digital health, health information and Artificial Intelligence
  • COVID-19: The Ongoing Challenge, Lessons Learnt and How to Prevent the Next Pandemic
  • Mental health and social wellbeing
  • Vaccine preventable diseases and Vaccine confidence
  • Skills and capacity for health improvement: growing the global public health workforce
  • Conflicts and public health: prevention, responses, recovery, rehabilitation, reconciliation

International Students’ Meeting on Public Health

The International Students’ Meeting on Public Health (ISMOPH) is a satellite event of the World Congress on Public Health (WCPH).

ISMOPH provides an opportunity for students and young professionals to participate in various sessions and share their perspectives on global public health issues. The goal of ISMOPH is to provide a venue for sharing experiences, strengthening networks and giving voice to the next generation.

ISMOPH will take place during the World Congress and is open to all students and young professionals attending the event at no additional cost.