Abstract Submission

Authors of abstracts, workshops and WLD have been notified of their acceptance.
If your work has been accepted, we invite you to take note of the following information regarding your presentation.


  • To confirm attendance, the first presenter must register to the congress by 15 March 2023.
  • The congress is in-person only (not hybrid); therefore, virtual presentations will not be possible.
  • The scholarship application deadline has now passed. We cannot offer abstract presenters waived entrance fees or discounts.
  • Information about registration fees can be found at the registration site.


  • The program shows the timeslot for your presentation.
  • Please note that the posters will be displayed only during the time assigned timeslot for the presentation, not during the entire duration of the congress.

Publication of the Abstract Book

  • The abstract book of the 17th World Congress on Public Health, will be published online within a dedicated supplement to the journal, Population Medicine, an Open Access journal by European Publishing based in the Science and Technology Park of Crete, Greece.
  • Population Medicine is an open-access double-blind peer-reviewed scientific journal that encompasses all aspects of population, preventive, and public health research including health care systems and health care delivery. Its broader goal is to address diverse health issues, to provide evidence-based information to professionals at all levels of the health care system, and to inform policymakers who are responsible for the formation of health policies of regional research that can lead to evidence-based actions
  • The Abstract Book Supplement will be available, searchable and identifiable via common databases in which the journal is indexed, while each abstract will have its own dedicated digital object identifier (DOI) and will be fully searchable and citable.
  • The Journal will also include the abstracts of SITI, which will be non-indexed but will be available for the delegates.

Oral presentations

  • Each presenter will have 6 minutes to present his/her abstract plus 2 minutes of Q&A.
  • Each oral session will last one hour, during this time seven abstracts will be presented by their respective presenters.
  • For your presentation, use the Congress Presentation Template
  • Upload your presentation in the Presentation Portal
  • In order to ensure an optimal delivery of your presentation, please stick to the following guidelines in the preparation of your presentation:
    • All presentations must be prepared in PowerPoint (file extension .pptx), format: 16:9
    • Preferred page set-up is landscape orientation (portrait orientation will not be displayed correctly)
    • Use standard Windows fonts only. Try to avoid use of non-standard Windows fonts or language specific fonts
    • Images: Do not copy and paste the images from another application, please use the “insert image from a file” functionality from PowerPoint (format JPG or PNG)
    • Video: we strongly suggest WMV or MP4 as video formats. To avoid any issue with movies and loops, presentations should be saved as a .pptx files
    • Apple Keynote users: Please export your presentation and select pptx format in the advanced option dialog. Check your presentation on a Windows-operated computer (preferably Win 11)
  • Deadline to upload your presentation: 24 April 2023
  • Presentations not uploaded in the platform before 24 April, must be delivered at Slide Centre at least 4 hours before your scheduled presentation time. If your presentation is scheduled in the morning, please deliver your presentation the day before.
  • On site help: If you have technical questions regarding your presentation, you can meet the technician in the Slide Centre (Level -2) to either make sure that your presentation will run properly on the system or to anticipate a backup solution.
  • Restrictions:
    • Personal laptop computers cannot be connected to the projectors
    • Presentations cannot be loaded directly onto the computer in the lecture rooms
    • Presentations must be uploaded in advance, either uploaded on the Presentation Portal online before 24 April, or via our service at the Slide Centre (Level -2)

Poster presentations

1. Click on the link https://posterit.it/register and login.

2. Fill in the form provided to activate your account.

3. Upload your poster(s) according to the following specifications:

      • Format file: pdf.
      • Maximum size 200 MegaByte.
      • Vertical orientation, ratio 9:16.
      • Resolution 1080 (width) × 1920 (height) pixel.
      • Privilege info graphics and images, which result more readable.
      • Pictures and images copyrights shall always be checked and notified.

4. Last day to upload your poster: 24 April 2023

For any further information, please leave a message inside posterit.it, going to the helpmessage section of the website