wcph from 1975 to 2023

WCPH from 1975 to 2023

WCPH from 1975 to 2023 1905 916 Gigas

The first World Congress on Public Health (WCPH) was held in Bonn in 1975, with primary goal of “Public Health Service Yesterday and Tomorrow”. Since then, the world has witnessed the emergence and reemergence of several major epidemics and pandemics including HIV/AIDS in 1981, SARS in 2002, H1N1 Flu in 2009, Ebola in 2013, Zika in 2015, and currently COVID-19.

A journey started in 1975

From Bonn, Halifax, Arusha to Melbourne and 2020 Virtual Congress, the WCPH has always sought to provide an international forum for the exchange of knowledge, information, and experiences on crucial public health issues, with the goal of safeguarding and enhancing public health on a national and global scale. Now, the 17th WCPH coincides with the COVID-19 pandemic, several wars, and climate change threats; indeed, a world in turmoil.

What to expect from WCPH 2023 in Rome

In May 2023, Rome is an extraordinary opportunity to advocate for and build stronger social protection systems, to promote universal health, prepare for future pandemics or global disasters, as well as to collaborate to eliminate exploitation and harmonize the relationships we’ve formed between nature and humanity.

Join over 3,500 public health professionals and researchers, policymakers, and students to work together in and outside of our respective fields to promote health equity and build a more sustainable and just future.